Gatsby appeared to hide things from me that I should have known about, and that bothered me. In just one month he changed car three times. He did it to get money for the company since these changes worked from an economic point of view. Every car that he sold was in exchange for another car and some cash. If you had the skill and you knew the car market you could do things like that.

At that time something happened that made me think. Someone else would have taken no notice of it. Not in my case.

We were in his car, he was driving. He double parked, since we had something to pick up and we were going to leave immediately. He did not pay attention and he hit the car in front of him. Gatsby's car was not insured so he had to resolve the issue privately.

I was very surprised. The fact that Gatsby did not maneuver correctly and hit another car was a very unusual event. It was so very unusual that only when one realized that, could one understand why Gatsby never insured any vehicle that he used or owned. He never had any problems of that nature since every possible eventuality was solved with his special abilities. Nevertheless, this time they had failed him and I did not understand what was happening.

The matter of the cars and their trades gave me a perfect excuse to take an interest in the business' financial accounts. We saw each other that morning but we had to postpone our meeting. I warned him that we would come back to the subject the next day. When the time arrived he hardly could be bothered to get out the documents that I needed. That was a problem. It was clear that we were going to have a discussion when:

"I don't have to give explanations to anyone," he spat at me. "That money has been given to me by the spiritual world, by very high powers."

My head was reeling. I then remembered the thoughts that I had had with regards to my mother's inheritance. I had not commented about them to anyone. I recovered.

"But, what are you saying?" I looked at him with some contempt.

"I am above Good and Evil," he finished.

"Well, you will regret being above me," I said to myself in a rage.

I left. I did not want to hear anything else. I could not believe what had just happened to me. Our old and deep friendship had turned into a new, corrosive enmity. My pain was unbearable.

"Gatsby has gone mad. How could he have talked to me like that?" I thought. "I can't and I don't want to go on with him. But my involvement in the business is vital at the moment. He's leaving me no option other than for me to go. That'll inevitably have a repercussion on the business."

My blood was boiling. I left the company for good. I felt immense pain. I felt betrayed and I had also betrayed him. With that event I established the foundations for a definitive break. The business barely survived a few months longer, after which I never wanted to hear anything more of the person who had once been my friend Gatsby.