"I woke up this morning with this framework on my mind. I had to write it down to find out what it was about," he said shrugging his shoulders as if he had not had anything to do with that creative process.

I was aware of all of this and once again it made me think of what could be transferred from the spiritual world to the physical world through his intervention. Real ideas, full of life, that would take root in this world through his mediation.


We were in his car. Some other people were with us and we were talking about the company. Gatsby started to say that our company would soon take a qualitative leap in its business since it would be associated with my father's company. In the near future we would be distributing his products. I looked at him carefully. I understood that that was possible and that our company had been created with that aim in mind. Everything was starting to really annoy me. It bothered me that he never consulted me about it first, and that he said it in front of other people. It bothered me that he announced it as a done deal. And it irritated me to remember the conversation that I had with Jimmy in 1985. At that moment, so many years later, I understood it perfectly.

It was about my father's business. It had always been about that. That was the main reason why I was a participant in the Cause. It's possible that reality did not correspond exactly to what I was telling myself, but that is the way I took it.

I understood that Gatsby was not a person who could emerge from nothing and that he needed strong support. Through me he could introduce himself into the family business. I knew my father's company well and knew how easy that would be. But this time it was not going to be like that. I no longer recognized Gatsby and neither did I like his behavior. I did not even remember Jimmy favorably, incapable of speaking to me clearly when he had the chance to. I did not say anything at that moment since I did not want to talk in front of other people. But I did not need to. Gatsby read it in my heart. I could tell.

"Either we move ahead with this company, through our own efforts, without support, or we won't move at all," I told myself. "I'm not going to introduce an stranger into my house and expose my family to that which through my own choice I am exposed to myself."

Towards the end of the morning I was saddened by a thought. Gatsby noticed.

"What are you thinking?" he asked.

"That you should have been born in my position. Then you wouldn't have to be so dependent on receiving support from others."

"It would have been the same," he said. "I'm a very controversial person.

I looked at him. I did not understand what exactly he meant.

"I'll save your family's company from ruin. It's their good luck that you know me."

I did not like what I was hearing at all. I tried to understand. My father's company had its weaknesses but it was one of the strongest ones in its field, within its sector. Unlike other companies it was able to balance its liabilities with significant assets that guaranteed it against any eventuality. I could not understand what he was trying to tell me. I did not totally trust Gatsby nor Jimmy. Even so I made an effort to clarify the situation.

"Where is Jimmy? I want to talk to him," I said after a few days. I had not heard anything from him over the last year.

"That's no longer possible," he said to me. "Jimmy and I are one and the same thing. Tell me what you wanted to tell him."

I understood that he had matured completely and that he was the full owner of his destiny. No one could use him without his permission. I remembered that once he wanted that to happen before its time and he was corrected. In those days we were still friends; now this friendship appeared to be ending.