Gatsby had a beautiful family but something important had changed in him. He no longer appeared to gain strength from love like before. It did not even seem to matter to him that much. His thoughts were elsewhere. For me, having got to know him very well, it was a very noticeable change.

I watched him closely, with care, trying to guess something, but the type of armor with which he protected himself stopped me from seeing anything. He only conveyed strength to me and the fact was that a great part of that strength was focused on regulating the anxiety and unease that he appeared to feel because of not being able to position himself in the business world in the way that he wanted to. Gatsby should be the reference point for that elite group that governs the world. Many of those people would be attracted to Gatsby, in tune with him. That is how I interpreted it. I also knew that for people in a position of power, Gatsby was a type of trap. He noticed the intensity with which I was watching him.

"Do you want to know who I am?" he said one of those days.

"Yes," I answered.

"Just so that you can understand, I am strength of spirit."

Formless strength of spirit that according to circumstances dressed in or adopted the most propitious form at the time. But this new form was unknown to me. I did not recognize my old friend. I searched for him but could not find him anywhere.

"Sometimes, I myself don't know who I am," he told me on one occasion when I found him acting in a way that I did not recognize.

Gatsby no longer appeared to be Gatsby and for some time I even doubted whether to call him with that name.


To succeed in influencing people in the world, Gatsby had a series of qualities. I knew some of them. In my judgment, the most important was that of being someone who could change, to an extent difficult to describe, depending on the needs of his mission. That was the origin of the qualities that I saw unfold before me, the special nature of his spirit. A spirit that seemed to turn into anything, following the dictates of a superior nature. That's how I saw it then, and that's how I still see it today.

We live in a world where appearance and image dominate and it does not appear superficial to speak in these terms as long as they have a close relationship with reality, just as it doesn't appear superficial to think that these matters are taken seriously within the spiritual world, as evidenced by the effort that Jimmy exerted to stress the importance of image in Gatsby's life, and how many of his qualities were oriented in that direction.

In my opinion, Gatsby himself was a modified spirit and his singularity lay in his level, that evolved level that allowed him to drink from the very fountains of the Spirit, fountains of an inexhaustible spirit that drenched him, turning into qualities that were unusual for our times. This apparel that he acquired followed the rationale of strict necessity, the requirements of an apocalyptic time, these times.

I can relate a few events that might give a hint of the qualities that in principle showed how he could face the mission that had been entrusted to him. The three sections that follow, might give a faint idea that can be added to what has been said until now, and will only have the right effect if one succeeds in seeing the depth that shines behind them.