I certainly believed it. Years ago, through my own natural curiosity, I was very interested in all things that came from Demian, worrying about them excessively, allowing them to occupy too much time in my thoughts, making my actions less effective as a result. My attitude was now diametrically opposed. I had not done anything to make it so except to be aware of it, but that does not seem to be sufficient for such a radical change to take place. I was sure that something in me had been changed. From then on whenever anything related to Demian appeared I shrugged my shoulders and, just like the dog, I looked the other way.

For the headquarters of the company we rented a space in a location that was very well known to us. One of the people in charge of that space, with whom we had to keep in touch, had a very strange friend. They appeared to have an extremely strange relationship. The friend had one of those empty faces that I knew so well. When Gatsby saw him he smiled sarcastically.

"Not everything that lives in the human body has a human nature," he told me when I asked him.

"Can you see what he's like inside? What does it look like?"

"Huh!" He made a face of disgust, as if what lived inside that person were some kind of spiritual worm.

We soon found out that the man had access to the rear of our space and he could hear everything that was happening inside. We ended up changing our location, though we did it purely for business reasons.

This was not the only event of that type. These events always maintained a certain distance from Gatsby, as if they were afraid of getting too close. He did not show any type of unease or worry. Simply put, his life was like that.

Often incidents or misunderstandings happened. We received exorbitant invoices from suppliers of general services. In the end we always resolved these matters, but not without a certain amount of work.

Strange people were always milling around us. A group of four men lived in an apartment in front of Gatsby's in the adjoining building. On one occasion he showed me who they were and we talked about it. At the time I imagined that there was a type of a black magic circle permanently around Gatsby. In any case, he always had to be wary and the fact is that occasionally he could not come to work. I never heard him complain in spite of the fact that just by his movements and the expression on his face I could see that he was very hurt. On my side I could not do anything with regard to those subjects so I focused exclusively on business activities. The other matters were Gatsby's business.


His wife gave birth. For almost an entire year I watched that baby grow. I knew Gatsby's features very well, as well as those of his family, which were very singular. During the years that we were separated, I had the opportunity to find out about his origins which clarified the source of his physiognomy. Nevertheless the baby did not have any of those features, not the slightest trace of my friend. It was the exact likeness of its mother.

In those days all the communication media were reporting on research that was being done on cloning larger animals. It was one of those subjects that gave the media a lot of scope. There was a lot of speculation on the subject. During the summer of 1996 the first successful cloning of a mammal took place. I remember having thought that in some way the spiritual world evolved in harmony with what men and women were doing on Earth, and that the latter affected the spiritual world. In this case, the fact that the spiritual world would allow the possibility of a birth of this type to take place was because in the physical world steps were being taken for it to occur. It was a new idea to me and only a glimpse of what I later found in the writings of Rudolf Steiner in a much more clearly defined and complete way4.

On one occasion Gatsby was lying on the sofa with his baby playing peacefully at his side. I asked him for an explanation of the baby's name.

"You know that I was able to communicate with him before he was born, while he was developing in his mother's belly?" he said as if he were answering my question.


4. Steiner says that what happens on Earth has an echo in the spiritual world, but having said that, I don't intend to use Steiner's work to validate the specific idea that I am laying out. I am not in a position to ascertain that it happened this way, though I can affirm that I treated as a real possibility, awaiting a clearer confirmation or denial. In the meantime everything tells me that it is so, and I describe it as such here.