Gatsby jumped from one job to another. It could not be any other way. It was not possible for him to be at anyone's service other than that of his own mission. This was not a fleeting idea in his head, rather it was solidly material. He himself was like that. If currently it is difficult to understand how this is possible, it is because we are not like that and ideas don't live within us with all their consequences. Within Gatsby, ideas were incorporated into his being and there was no turning back.

Seen from the outside, Gatsby was a very controversial personality, but that must not be understood from a superficial point of view. He had to leave his job, just on glimpsing even the possibility of a better opportunity. This could mean leaving a position where there hardly existed any possibility of rapid promotion based on talent. There were changes made because of a deficiency; there was nothing in it for him. Most of the changes took place simply because problems arose. It would be difficult to be more precise, all one could do is state how problems arose wherever one looked, whatever path one took. It was very disconcerting.

I could easily imagine the continuous series of obstacles that Demian very intelligently placed in Gatsby's path. My own experience and some references from Gatsby led me in that direction. Everything that came from Demian was always very dark and had a trail that was difficult to follow for someone like me. I only recognized it by its effects, graphically it was like a blow to the face —a sudden problem that abruptly rises to meet you— that you don't expect, appearing from nowhere. But there was something that I could visualize with greater clarity. Gatsby certainly was a controversial personality, some might even define him as a dangerous in the sense that one had the feeling of facing someone with many more resources than oneself and, at that moment, those people would see their politics, their power, and even their positions at work, in danger. It's important to understand that he was "designed" to do that and he could not behave in any other way. Gatsby was incapable of settling in any position, starting from nothing. They simply cut him off if they could. When he joined an organization, its weaknesses appeared to take on a life of their own and, as if they were one single being, they confronted him. That is one of the pictures one could have of Gatsby relative to work.

His wife had not yet given birth and he got in touch with me. He had been fired from his job. He had orchestrated the complaints of the new consultants in the company. They demanded increased salaries and threatened to leave together. The managers identified my friend as the instigator of these ideas and they fired him. Gatsby could never be anything but himself.

"And there is more. They wanted to demean me as a professional. At the last minute they gave me a training assignment in the commercial department of a well-known company. They included this job in the settlement agreement. I had to do it at night but they hadn't given me all the data to do it with. After my chat, even they ended up congratulating me, asking where I had got that information that they had intentionally deprived me of," Gatsby explained to me with discomfort.

I had it all clear in my mind and I was going to play the only trump card that I thought I possessed.


I told Gatsby that it was the moment to act. I asked him to set up a business plan for our own business. A week later I had it on my desk. It excited me.

I put the shares that I had inherited from my mother up for sale. It was difficult to do but it was the only way of finding out how I could proceed. A few weeks later, my father decided to buy the shares from me. Not for what they were really worth, but more than enough to start the project with. My father got a loan to buy those shares and later paid it off, after the sale of my mother's property. This last event surprised me and made me think.

It was the summer of 1995 when Gatsby and I met to start our joint business project.