I think it was spring of 1991. I went to see him at his house. I told him about my encounter with the pig.

"Don't worry", he looked at me slowly. "You are completely free of that being". Demian is furious because you are with me again.

I mentioned to him that once he had finished his MBA he had to find a job for himself. At that time Jimmy was saying that he had to make an effort to become "the young businessman of the year".

"You've got to start somewhere", I told him. "I'll help you in every way that I can".

He nodded his head that appeared to be thinking of other things. He told me that when his girlfriend broke off the relationship, he bought a small chalkboard.

"I know that I leave an impression on people and it tends to appear in them in the form of unforgettable memories". I knew that she would call me and I've been waiting for her. Each day that passed I put a line on the board until she called.

I questioned him with a look.

"I left everything very clear with her. I don't think she'll call again".

He looked at me very intensely as if only I could understand what he was going to tell me.

"Circumstances have allowed me access to a piece of news".

"What news?"

"My first girlfriend", he called her by her name, "do you remember?"

"How could I forget her?" I said. "You were both so happy!"

"She's getting married. It's destiny. That's how it's been decided in the spiritual world. But I have the power to change destiny, even that which comes from that world. If I appeared, she'd come back to me!" He said looking at me fixedly.

He thought for a while and then smiled.

"Jimmy has already told me that the moment that I change the course of her destiny, my life on Earth will end. That would destroy me".

"I wish she had married you!" he said to me.

"Me? Why?"

"Because that way I could see her frequently and you would be very happy with her".

That was the way of loving that was so characteristic of Gatsby.

We finished talking. We got together with relatives and friends who came to visit us at the house. Someone in the group commented about an event that I had heard about in August of 1990. It was a Swedish parachutist who after falling from a height of 3000 feet with an unopened parachute, was unhurt.

"There's one possibility in a million that bones can form a unit with each other that make them an indestructible structure. That woman achieved it precisely because she left that work to instinct, not to thought, Gatsby commented.

I observed him slowly. It always surprised me how he said things. It was impossible not to pay attention to him. One immediately had a tangible image of what he was saying. His words had a force in themselves. There was no doubts that he had access to a world of ideas that he could almost touch. "From that proximity", I said to myself, "must come that power in his speech". The perspective from which he approached subjects was always from a point of view that surprised me. I knew that he would only share with me a small number of those subjects that he could see in his own way. I would not have been able to deal with all of it. Just one of them left me living in no man's land.

"Aren't you surprised", he said to me one day, "that the atomic bomb was not dropped on Tokyo, the capital of Japan?"

"And why was it not dropped on Tokyo?"

"Because the Emperor lived there", he answered.