I worked in the office until late. My timetable made me cross paths with the lady who cleaned the place. She was someone I knew and she had a daughter about 12 years old. At first I hardly noticed it, but then I started to be aware of an excessive interest that this girl had towards me. She talked incessantly of experiences that were much more appropriate in someone much more mature. She talked in a foulmouthed way of these experiences. It was all unpleasant and suspicious to me. One day I discovered that, for a while, the girl had felt an enormous aversion to all religious symbols. From then I harbored a tremendous disdain towards Demian who looked for any opening to affect my life. I also started to feel guilty for affecting innocent people's lives.


That weekend I went to see my friend in his house. To go and see him, I decided to try on a new pair of trousers that I had bought a few days ago. While we talked I noticed the ones he was wearing. I had seen them before. They were trousers that he had owned for a few years. To my surprise, they did not have one speck of dust on them. My trousers, better and newer were certainly accumulating dust. Then I realized it had always been like that. In addition to the care that he took of his image, Gatsby repelled dust.

I asked him about the collection of models of owls that he had on his left.

"I'm like an owl. I am awake at night and nothing escapes my sight. Even though here I am trapped."

I found him serious. He told me that he was drinking a lot of whiskey, entire bottles. I never saw him even slightly dizzy from alcohol.

"Alcohol contains an element that I need", he said.

I did not understand what he meant. Gatsby suffered a lot, though no one would have known it purely from his external aspect.

"Look at my pupils", he said.

I saw how they trembled and seemed to revolve.

"When people look at me in the eyes they look away. They're frightened, it's instinctive. Only mad people have this tremor".

We talked about Marlon Brando. Gatsby was an admirer of his. Jimmy told him that one day he would have an even more savage beauty than Brando. Gatsby did not believe that possible. I felt that Demian felt enormous contempt for Brando, envying him his looks. That attractiveness is something that he would never be able to obtain.

"Things are not going well for us", I told him.

"Yes", he answered, "and that's why it's time to do something for someone".

He unbuttoned his shirt slightly. He showed me the medallion that my mother had given me and that later, five years ago, I had given him. Christ appeared on one side and his mother on the other. I had forgotten about that medallion.

We were going to help someone who was waiting for something to happen to change his or her life. There are always people like that. We picked up a newspaper that advertised places of entertainment, looking for a prostitute who was in that situation. We left the first one, which was a private house. The girl who came out was drugged and her conscience was numbed. At the second one we found women who did not meet the necessary conditions as per Gatsby's supersensitive eye. At the third house a girl came up to us. Gatsby spoke to her and showed her the medallion. She was very impressed. He gave it to her.

After a while we left. Gatsby told me that the gift and the conversation he had had, made him think again about the time he left his home. He missed his family and was thinking of returning to them. Later, Gatsby received a letter from the girl in which she told him that she had rebuilt her life with her family, returning to the secretarial studies that she had previously abandoned.