"Gatsby must create his own business empire. You must always think on the grand scale, just as I did when I was on Earth."

It was in that economic sphere where those who act within it exceed their field of influence in such a malicious way, instead of keeping a tight rein on themselves. Gatsby had the powers that were needed to bring order to that world of unleashed egos. That has to be understood in its full sense: Gatsby had those powers.

That morning he spoke to me about Demian.

"I have to study for a Masters of Business Administration". Demian is already aiming at a Masters degree".

He added that Demian's Masters was linked to General Motors; I do not remember exactly what type of linkage. In 1990 Demian must have been 22 or 23 years old. I did not ask him. I did not believe that one day it would be important.

Once again I had to visit all those banks with a limited number of clients, anxious for an opportunity to increase their working accounts with high interest rates in return for the increased risk that I provided. In the end I succeeded in getting a personal loan to be able to pay for his MBA.

All those bank visits gave me a sixth sense regarding money. There was something in that entire system that simply did not work. Money had been turned into an object of avarice because that attribute had been bestowed on it. Why did it have to be like that?

"You have to invent a new type of currency", I used to say to my friend in those days.

I was very sure that Gatsby would succeed in doing that one day, and my mind found solace in the idea of that future achievement where commercial relations would be measured by their true meaning.


It was a beautiful morning. Gatsby walked towards me with a big smile, like the sun.

"Demian has introduced himself to the media", he told me.

"Explain yourself!" I exclaimed somewhat disconcerted.

He then told me something that I had also heard of already, since this type of information often came to me without me seeking it out. When it came to external events, I was always synchronized with Gatsby. And the event in question was the following:

There was a famous Spanish journalist at the time, a Vatican correspondent, called Paloma Gómez Borrero. At that time she had been working on a story that was about the reality of the devil and which included an interview with a well-known Vatican exorcist. It was November of 1990. Once the interview was over, she left her work things -two tapes, a notebook and some photocopies- on a table in her office at home. While she was doing this, a black bird flew in through a window of the office, beating against the walls so violently that they were stained with blood "as if a crime had been committed there", according to the words of the journalist. Paloma left the room looking for someone to help. They found the bloody bird on top of a piece of furniture by the wall that was used as a bookshelf. When they tried to pick it up, the bird slithered between the piece of furniture and the wall. Even though they tried to find it by moving the furniture they never could. The following day, Paloma started to work on the material she had gathered but found her tape recorder was totally useless. The tapes and the documents had vanished.

"No one", she said, "had entered my office since the previous night".

In an interview granted many years later, she spoke about these events. She was going to use the material that had disappeared to make a radio program and to write an article in a magazine. The program was never made. In the end she did write an article for the magazine but mysteriously none of the copies that were sent to subscribers arrived. Two years later, also in November, the tapes and the documents reappeared in the same place where they had been.

"That last event", she went on, "really unnerved me".

In that interview she said something very curious.

She affirmed that the devil was probably trying to terrify her but he did not achieve it since, she said, she was stronger, at least that is how I understood it, in her personal and private life. But when the interviewer asked her if she had gone back to write about the devil, she answered, somewhat disturbed as if she had just found something out, that she would never write again on that subject. Both her body and her voice trembled while she was talking. That is characteristic of such events. Just the memory of them affected her nervous system.