This situation extended to all the other issues however small they were. There was a continuous emergence of obstacles to any kind of operation that I wanted to fulfill. These delaying forces were much more evident to me in those years. Even though I didn't know very much of them, I imagined them as real beings and I would have given anything to see them face to face.


That Christmas, Gatsby received a card. As he walked near the closed letterbox he smelt the letter's aroma.

"It smelt of Demian. I opened it and read: 'Merry Christmas Mr. Gatsby'", said my friend.

That year was going to be somewhat difficult.


Gatsby loved his girlfriend with all his heart. She was a very different woman from his previous girlfriend but Gatsby's love was the same. He appeared to need that type of love and in those times he was very happy in spite of the fact that physically they lived some distance apart. She was at her last year at the University. Gatsby went to see her now and then. On the occasion I'm referring to, they spent a few unforgettable days at a ski resort. They took many photographs of themselves and of each other to illustrate their happiness.

I went to see him around then. We decided to go out for a meal and on the way we were going to pick up the developed photographs at a local photo shop. We had to walk up a few steps to get to the shop. I stopped a few feet away from the steps. A shiver went up my spine, a type of pressure. I felt my nervous system change at the base of my skull. I looked tensely at Gatsby who raised his head as if sniffing the air.

"Demian has been here", he said.

At no time did I think that he had been there physically, more as a force, to explain it that way. Gatsby went into the shop and asked me to join him. I wanted to but I could not. I had no control over that force that appeared to have affected my entire nervous system. I decided to wait outside and a short time later Gatsby came out with a big smile on his face.

"What happened?" I asked him.

"Demian has blanked out all the photos", he laughed. "He hasn't even left one. He hates the thought of me being happy. He's terrified of that".

That day Gatsby was very happy. He was savoring his moment.

Demian felt panic at the thought of Gatsby being happy. My friend's powers acquired another dimension and it was something that truly enhanced him. Love kept him in an unending state of ecstasy and I felt that I could see the powerful Demian tremble, his sturdy legs progressively turning into trembling sticks. Demian would do everything possible not to let that happen. He would do the impossible to make Gatsby drink the elixir of his black heart to deny him that which he had denied himself and to pass on the failure that his spirit contained in such excess.


I felt Demian's breath very near me. The telephones that I normally used were tapped and I could not speak normally with Gatsby. Also, I feared for my close friends. I knew Gatsby well and in knowing him I also knew something of Demian. I had already had a few experiences with him. To explain it my way, I would say that, like Gatsby, Demian could influence the human nervous system. I always felt that his power was certainly related to a nervous system, especially if the human owner were going through something that made him especially vulnerable. That force acts as an internal deterrent power, like a deep fear.

Every step that I took I felt watched. I tried to give it no importance but I could not deny that it added a certain pressure to my life. I was confident regarding my personal safety. I trusted in what Jimmy had told me the first year that we knew each other.