The nature of what was happening was so important that it was not possible for me to remain indifferent. I could not. I reflected on everything that this world wanted and the least I could do was to collaborate with all my strength, overcoming personal circumstances and those external events that constantly imposed themselves on me. I was prepared to help until exhaustion set in. But after that I had no plans to dwell behind that threshold where Jimmy definitely lived. Nevertheless neither Jimmy nor Demian could stop being anything other than themselves. This, on the other side.

To summarize, Jimmy appeared to want it all, but I did not plan to give myself over completely. On the other hand, what was being dealt with was so important that I was prepared to reach my limit, whatever it might be.

I had the feeling that Jimmy was not concerned about money. He appeared to obey another set of rules and objectives that I could not grasp. I calculated and quantified and, based on the results, acted one way or another. Jimmy did not calculate. His methodology appeared to consist in taking everything to the same limit. This was his only calculation. This was the disconcerting impression that I perceived relative to Jimmy and money.

It was clear that my work in the Cause, at least in the second period, was going to be as support, in being Demian's support on both the personal and the economic side. Demian needed to be supplied with economic independence when he could not obtain it for himself. He was going to be subject to many tensions and not having that independence would greatly limit his ability to act.

It was not easy to provide that money. "In the end, no one does this", I used to tell myself. I must add that I never gave just money. Even the last penny was linked to a certain level of suffering. At least that is how I saw it. I did not understand why it had to be like that. It was as if physical money by itself was not legal currency in Jimmy's world and something needed to be added. I am aware that what I'm saying may be very subjective. In any case it was never easy and all these events brought me many problems.


It must have been towards the end of 1988. My friend Demian spoke to me about the other Demian. That is what he called him: Demian. From then on that is what we called him. And from that moment I stopped using that name for my friend.

From what he told me I understood that, in a certain way, they were two twin beings with very similar powers. They shared the same nature that we might call "Demian". My friend had transcended that nature. The other had stayed within it, eclipsed by its own power.

He spoke to me in terms that were very similar to the ones he used years ago. Demian was his opponent. He had significant support and my friend counted on the advantage of being a few years older than him. My friend spoke to me of Demian as a powerful personality that put his forces at the service of absolute Evil. I learned about the existence of many spiritual beings dedicated to Evil, with their hierarchy, and at their apex was that being with many designations: demon, Satan, the devil, Leviathan, call him what you like. Now he had the opportunity to become embodied in a very special personality that could support his presence. That is how I understood it then.

I had known, I had seen my friend display very special powers. Just thinking of a counter-image of him dedicated to evil made me shiver. I knew evil sufficiently well to be aware of the fact that it eagerly seeks to incorporate itself into that which is immature and I imagined Demian being tempted at a very early age.

My friend told me that there was some truth in what one could see in a film called The Omen. I never got to see it. Knowing my friend, I felt I had greater knowledge of Demian then that which I could acquire by any other means. Also, nothing is casual, and behind everything there is always intention. I did not know what truly lay behind this film and I did not want to be exposed to it.

In what follows, I will use the name Demian, to refer to the specific personality upon which Ahriman has become incarnate, joining it gradually and becoming the very same Ahriman on Earth. This is so that I can faithfully reproduce what was lived through, with the same words.