"Yes, I'm five foot eleven now", he laughed, bragging while he stretched his body.

"How come you've grown two inches at your age?" I asked him.

"It's very simple, it's Jimmy. This is my perfect height. I ask him to broaden my back or to add muscle to my arms and that's it. Look, touch, touch" —he brought his arm close to me. My friend certainly had muscles and I had never seen him do any type of exercise.

We got to the men's section that occupied an entire floor of that department store. We stopped in front of a display of ties hanging together. At first glance I did not like any of them. Demian put his hand in the bunch of ties while he smiled. Then, to my surprise, he brought out a beautiful tie that had been hidden behind the others. He put his hand in again and another tie, as beautiful as the first one, appeared. It looked as if the tie wanted to fall into his hands, as if he did it with a hidden magnet, as if he had eyes at the end of his fingers.

"Well, there's nothing else worthwhile here", he said.

I had seen things like that any number of times. There was something magical about him in this way. Demian had a strange ability to know what fitted perfectly. He would take a pair of folded trousers and say "These will fit perfectly". He would then try them on and they would seem to be made to measure both in the waist and in length. The cut would be perfect, as would be the cloth and the color. "How does he do it? How does he know it? Who told him?" I asked myself.

That day, or perhaps it was another day around that time, we went to a Golf & Green shop. He tried on two shirts. The blue one and the light pink one appeared to be made for him. Those colors, already attractive in their own right, appeared to shine on him.

"Yes, they don't look bad on you", I told him.

I looked around surreptitiously. I wanted to see the effect that he had on people. I could see how everyone was turning to look towards Demian. As one would expect, some were more sensitive than others but he affected them all without exception. That was a totally objective experience. In a magical way he attracted people's attention, and it was always like that.

Jimmy spoke frequently about the importance of image in Demian's mission. On this subject perfection had been achieved. I only want to underline that it was not merely a matter of physical appearance. The powers —Demian's— that had just shown themselves, were, without any question, supersensitive. Simply put, my friend shone.


In the last year of his studies for a degree, Demian once again knew love. She was also a student, one or two years younger than him, very vivacious and determined. She was definitely stimulating for Demian. He was deeply in love with that woman and the happiness that he felt gave him outstanding vitality and strength.

Within me I still had the memory of his first love that he had so strongly conveyed to me. As a result, I was not very receptive to what he could tell me about his new romance. But I knew Demian very well and I knew that he needed to live that type of life, he needed that stability and intensity, that ecstasy, from which he extracted great strengths. Demian was a person with a hidden side, difficult to access, but at the same time very sociable and friendly. Everything about him had a tendency to create a family around him.


In what follows, I will refer to a subject that in my judgment, through my experience, might be misinterpreted. Because of that it might seem to be what it is not and move the focus of attention away from what is important. At the same time it can not be avoided because it forms part of the framework of reality. I just hope to describe the framework as faithfully as possible. To do that I must talk about Jimmy.

On some subjects Jimmy did not appear to have any limits. I knew that Jimmy tended to want everything, that I should give myself completely, that I should join my own life and destiny to that of the Cause. It is true that he never spoke to me in these terms. But not everything is spoken because there are things that are understood in attitudes and also in life's events. I thought about the Cause and I got dizzy. I was afraid of it. I was prepared to help a lot but to link myself totally to Jimmy and to Demian would mean one day losing myself. They were powers that were too strong for me. How could I stay on my feet with so many changes, so many events without end? On the other hand I thought that in the depths of my soul I was such an extreme egoist that I was not going to allow myself to get lost in that maelstrom of events. All this on one side.