I remember that I wanted to test him, to check whether there was something that needed to be discovered. Perhaps my friend was trying to fool me. Sometimes the most unsuspected things can happen and one has got to be careful. While he was talking to me with his eyes closed, I made a gesture as if to take hold of him forcefully, without him noticing, and uncover him that way. Nevertheless with a rapid gesture he raised his hand parallel to mine, indicating in that way that I should desist.

From then on Jimmy always spoke to me through my friend. These incorporations, to call them that, were so smooth that they were almost imperceptible. At the same time, one could see in the first gesture, the first look, at the first sound coming from the mouth of my friend, that it was Jimmy who was establishing his presence.

Jimmy's personality after his death was as captivating as it was in his life, even more if I may say so, due to the exceptional circumstances of the moment. One could perceive that he felt committed to us, above all to my friend, by the mission that he had to accomplish, but you could also sense that he was elated by the fact that he could once again see the world, albeit momentarily, through a human body. "A body," Jimmy often stated, that was "very special."


As must be obvious, this entire situation was very exciting for me. I found Jimmy to be extraordinarily entertaining and I could not quite believe what I was living through. "I don't need anything else," I used to tell myself. That was the level of my happiness.

That was not the attitude of my friend, who in those days was in love. What he was going through in that relationship was at least as important as the one that so strikingly had just happened to him, and he was not going to allow anything to affect it.

His girlfriend was a very sweet and beautiful girl. One would notice a great change in my friend at the slightest contact with her. A very special energy appeared to emanate from him. This was something that became very clear to me over the course of the year, a type of love that moved me deeply.

If I had to summarize in a few words what my friend lived through during that extraordinary year, it would be necessary to create an image which contained James Dean, the philosopher Immanuel Kant and a confrontation with his own destiny: the birth of extraordinary strengths and capabilities. Then it would be necessary to give it all a special vitality. I would even say that through harmonizing, balancing, the force of love for a woman, that my friend was metamorphosing one step at a time into something more and more beautiful, more and more perfect.


Before meeting Jimmy, my friend —at least this is what I believe— was already a follower of the philosophy of Kant. He felt a great devotion to this philosopher. When I asked him about the reason for such admiration, he would speak to me about the methodical character of the thinker of Königsberg. He used to tell me about how Kant reflected about things in his room, looking outside, and how he protested energetically when they cut down the tree that he could see from his window and which he had got accustomed to look at while he pondered. He also mentioned to me how Kant always went to teach his classes wearing the same jacket which he looked after so carefully that it always appeared new. He found this very absorbing and saw within this behavior pattern the virtue of a discipline that he wanted to make his own. Beyond that we never spoke of the content of Kantian philosophy and, even if we had done so, I can say with total certainty that I would not have understood anything.

My friend defended Kant with determination and one could see in him a growing eloquence. His words had their own strength, and this was noticeable in those that were listening to him, whose attention he appeared to capture.

Regarding Kant, at that time something happened that attracted my attention, something that, even though it appears irrelevant, I would like to recount since it did not pass unnoticed.