I looked at my friend with amazement since I did not know anyone of that name. He, no less baffled, could tell me something of the biography of that North American actor who died in a car accident in 1955. When my friend looked at a photograph of the actor he sensed some type of relationship between them and even a physical resemblance.

That is how James Dean appeared in our lives. As I mentioned earlier, I did not know anything about him and, nevertheless, in a very short period of time I had been a recipient of a characteristic gesture of a very singular personality. One could say many things about Jimmy but never that he would pass unnoticed. Everything about him is spectacular. From what I know, both in his life on earth and after, those who have known him don't forget him easily. He leaves, as one might say, a deep impression.

In the excitement of the moment, Jimmy, as he liked to be called, was speaking inwardly, directly to my friend. At the beginning, my friend showed himself to be very surprised but slowly he calmed down. His face relaxed, his look became serious again, concentrated but also communicative. We spoke a little more, we laughed a lot and, in the end, we slept a deep sleep.

We woke up the next morning. We spoke with laughter about what had happened the previous day. My friend commented to me that Jimmy was pressuring us to get up. We did not take any notice and we decided to go on sleeping. I slept by a balcony with curtains and my friend by the door, on the other side of the room. We fell asleep again. Suddenly there was a deafening ring. We woke up startled. We did not know where that sound was coming from! We opened boxes, we looked everywhere. Finally I found a black bag above my bed, from where the curtains hang. I got it down with difficulty. Inside it was my enormous alarm clock with its infernal sound. Our laughter was audible a long way away.

We had breakfast at a nearby bar. We talked ceaselessly and Jimmy included himself in our conversation with one or two jocular remarks that my friend conveyed to me. Some of the questions that I asked Jimmy through my friend were answered by him saying that my roommate should look in this or that pocket and the answers appeared written on those fine paper napkins that one finds in a bar. It was a very entertaining start to the day.

That very day my friend answered the question regarding the reason for the appearance of Jimmy in our lives, and Jimmy corroborated that answer a few hours later. Apparently my friend had a very significant mission to fulfill, a mission of enormous importance. He confessed that he had always intuited that life held something very special for him.

This was not true of me, though I recognize that, in secret, I always hoped for something like that. I needed something like what was happening to me. I also asked what it was that I was doing in this story and I was told that I would help the mission to take place. I did not think that I had sufficient status to be able to help in any area that had any importance, but I was living life with great intensity and I soon forgot those doubts.

Jimmy did not take long to appear. That same day after lunch while my friend was lying down, almost imperceptibly and as if it were the most natural thing in the world, Jimmy took over his body. He spoke to me with eyes closed, lying down, without moving. I was watching him suspiciously and I thought that I noticed two things while he was talking to me. The first was that it was indeed him who was communicating with me, not my friend. I could tell that it was another very different person in spite of his immobility. The other thing I noticed was that the other personality was acting, that the immobility and those closed eyes were pure theater. It was noticeable -at least that is what I thought- that the supposed Jimmy had totally taken over the physical attributes of my friend. I suppose that he did not want to shock me excessively.