In this first chapter I will speak of some of the events that took place over a two-year period from 1983 to 1985.


The two of us studied in different Faculties of the same University. That course of 1983/1984 was our first year as university students. During that entire time, I am only aware of having seen him on three occasions. In each one of those meetings I remember having thought, never for the same reasons, how different he seemed from all the other people who surrounded me. Nevertheless, I did not have any desire to get to know him better.



We saw each other again at the end of the summer of 1984, soon before the start of the 1984/85 course. We had a small problem with our accommodation and destiny decided to place us in the same guesthouse for a while, while we waited for a solution. It was not long before we became good friends.

One night he mentioned to me that something odd was happening to him when he used the telephone in the guesthouse since strange background noises could be heard. He appeared worried. I, on the other hand, was delighted with the story, and found it funny to see him disturbed by something as inoffensive as background noises. I suggested to him that I go down to the street and call him on the phone to demonstrate that it was all a product of his imagination.

I went downstairs and called him from a public telephone. While I was talking to him, laughing at his fears, we heard some noises. Suddenly we were both afraid. They were clear sounds like a sequence of knocks on the line. I did not think that they could come from my roommate because his concern was evident and several times he suggested that I should come back. Then I thought that it was due to some kind of technical problem and that, as a result, the sequence of knocks was a product of chance. To demonstrate this to him I suggested directing some questions at the sound to show that it was random. The "sound" would have to answer the questions with a yes or no. For "yes," one knock would be sufficient. Two for a "no."

With some laughter, I asked if it was a person who was making those sounds. One knock was heard. "What a coincidence," I thought. I asked again, this time if it was a deceased person. Another knock was heard. "Do you want something from me?" I said. Two clear knocks were heard. "And do you want something from him?" I said referring to my friend. Then we heard a very loud knock. I repeated this last question and the knock in response was even louder. My friend got really frightened and begged me to come back immediately.

I found him pale and silent. He was definitely affected by the event. I, on the other hand, much less aware of what we were going through, did something odd: I made an Ouija board with some cardboard. In the excitement of the moment I must have forgotten the mistrust that I always had regarding this type of thing.

Calmer, we decided to speak again on the phone to see if the same phenomenon repeated itself. I went down to the street and called again. At the first ring my friend picked up the phone and nervously begged me to come back to the guesthouse. He had just heard noises in our room but there could not possibly be anyone there.

I ran back to the guesthouse and went up to our room. I saw a small pair of scissors on top of the Ouija board. An enormous "X" crossed the cardboard from one side to the other, together with a brief sentence that had been written with scissors that clearly rejected the whole method of communication, and a signature below.

"James Dean"