One day we were walking at the foot of the hill on the crest of which there was a road. We were looking straight ahead and suddenly we turned our heads as if something was attracting our attention. We saw a white car appear very far away. I felt that I could almost hear its quiet motor and notice its smooth drivability. I was perplexed; I have never had that sensation again. Jimmy told Demian what model of car it was and we felt an irresistible desire to have one.

I met Demian a few days later. Jimmy had bought him a newspaper, and in it an advertisement that he had marked with a pen. He showed me the used car sales section. There was a car of that model for sale at a very reasonable price. Jimmy appeared and told me to get it, by whatever means. I had some money, not much, but enough. Jimmy was enormously happy when I told him that I would get that car. I was determined to do so.

I took the money out of the bank and I went to the dealer. I was very excited just thinking that I was going to leave there with a wonderful car. At that moment, I did not even remember that I did not have a drivers license. I asked at the dealers about the car that was advertised and they showed me an old van that was falling apart. I told him that it was not possible that they must have made a mistake. I looked at the advertisement that was highlighted, trying to find an explanation. The make and model in the newspaper were exactly those of the old van. Nevertheless I could have sworn that I had read another one, very different. I could not understand what was going on.

I was very bothered. I assumed that that must have been one of Jimmy's jokes but nevertheless I was not going to leave there without a car. I picked one and gave them the money that I was carrying on me as a deposit. I then went to the bank and from there I called my mother asking her for the money that I needed. I noticed that my mother was saddened but ended up agreeing. "Mothers," I said to myself. "One day she'll understand how important this is." I finally bought the car.

Already on that day, and more so on the following ones, something changed in me. My behavior towards my mother was weighing on my conscience. How could I have behaved like that? I was confused and started seeing Jimmy negatively. Though I knew that I was the guilty one in this situation it had been too much for me.


I was with Demian and suddenly Jimmy appeared and told me that he had something to do. I did not even listen to him. A few days went by. I went to meet Demian, and Jimmy was there in his place. It was a situation very similar to that of the transformation.

Jimmy reproached me saying we were a couple of rebels. Jimmy had also had a argument with Demian who had reproached him because of his behavior towards me.

"How is it that you want to do whatever you feel like doing? I'm leaving forever!"

And quite simply he left.

Then Demian appeared, but he did not recognize me as myself. He hardly knew me and could not work out what I was doing in his room. I tried to find something that would bond us together but could not find anything. Very disconcerted, I said goodbye.

A few days later my father came to visit me. I did not expect a visit from him and he had come a long way to see me. He had been to the Faculty where they had let him know about my bad results and about the fact that I had not appeared at the last exams. He came to deliver one major piece of news: he was not going to go on financing my career. I did not stay much longer at the University, maybe just a few days. Before leaving I said goodbye to Demian. He was only a little puzzled since we hardly knew each other.