"You'll dedicate yourself to looking after pigs" he said smiling.

One never knew when Jimmy was joking, but this time it was clear. I shook my head as if saying: "My question was serious!" While I was looking at him in the eyes, I asked silently: "What am I doing here, Jimmy? What do you want from me?" Then a word appeared in my mind. It was very clear, there was no doubt about that. But I was dismayed, and not only because it came out of nowhere. It was the name of the family business that my parents owned! Disgusted, I rejected that thought or whatever it was. How had it come up in my mind? I did not even remember my family in those moments. The whole idea that I was counted on because of that, repulsed me. It never would have occurred to me and I forgot about it like one of many mental associations that one could have that did not make any sense.


We had not seen each other for some time. I had gone to visit my parents and my mother had given me a small and discreet religious gold medallion as a present; I liked it and she insisted that I wear it. Years later I learned that my mother had been worried about me and, fruit of this concern, she bought this medallion to give to me a few days later and had it blessed.

On my return I went to find Demian to say hello. I'm fairly sure that the medallion was not visible.

"What are you wearing?" he said pointing to my neck.

"You mean this?" I showed him the medallion. He was very impressed.

"Yes," he said. "Please give it to me. I need it. It will protect me."

He caught me by surprise and I thought it over. He had seemed to make that request with real urgency.

"Okay. If you need it so badly here it is." I took it off its chain and put it in his hands.

He picked it up with care while he removed the chain that he had round his neck. It was silver and very thick. Even though he tried several times, the link attached to the medallion was too fine to go on the chain.

"Look," I said, "if it's so important to you I'll give you my golden chain as well, so that you can hang it from that. That'll make the gift perfect."

"No. It's not necessary," he said placing the medallion on the open palm of his right hand. He looked directly at the medallion with a very concentrated air, and before my eyes the medallion's link grew until it was double in size. He then pulled the thick chain through the link with ease and hung it from his neck.

"That's it!" He smiled as he winked at me.


Jimmy was a car fanatic, if one can talk about him in those terms, and he passed on that same enthusiasm to us. I know that they were very important to him in his past life, so much so that he died in one of them. He told the story with great emotion, of how at the moment of his accident, in less than a second, he felt totally invaded by divine mercy -the expression on his face turned radiant when he got to this point- and at that same moment he repented of all the evil that he had done. According to Jimmy, that was the most important moment of his life.

I can not say with any certainty what it was that he saw in cars. Once I told Demian that a sports car called "Devil" had just come on the market.

"Yes, you noticed," he said smiling, "what an insult to the devil!"

A car has a relationship with individuality and alertness, with independence and conscience. It has nothing to do with gregariousness and being asleep. In addition the car is very influential on the image that other people have of oneself, and that was very important for my friend.