Jimmy continued to speak without taking any notice of me. Then he looked at me in silence. I did not understand absolutely anything. My friend then appeared and repeated in his way Jimmy's announcement. I started to realize, with the hints provided by Jimmy's previous attitude, that I had come out with an extremely stupid remark, fruit of my fears.

"I knew it!" said Demian. I knew that if I existed, another one like me had to exist somewhere.

When he said this, it appeared to me that he was talking about a spiritual law that obeys some kind of need and that cannot be any other way.

Demian was really excited. I asked him about the other, the one who is like him. He told me that it was his adversary. My friend had one advantage over him, the other one was still an adolescent. He did not tell me how old he was, neither did I ask him.

"I imagine that he's rich," I said.

"Yes," he answered, "there is a very large estate behind him, and people expecting things of him."

"You don't have anything and no one expects anything from you."

"I've got the advantage of a few years to improve myself," he said with a cheeky smile.

We said goodbye to each other. In my mind I kept on thinking of the way that at the beginning, with Jimmy, I broached the subject. It appeared to me that I did not understand how these things worked, and that in the light of all this I understood my role in the Cause even less.


From that moment, the subject of Evil became clear in nearly all the conversations that we had. I acquired a lot of information without asking for it. For example I got to know the priest who was authorized to practice exorcisms in that part of the country.

Around then I learned that the solution that I had suggested to Jimmy at the time was how Evil acted. He told me that with Good you can only do Good and that Evil, on the other hand, is an assassin by definition and everything horrible happens within its being since it has no moral limit.

I did not know if Demian had discovered the existence of the other by himself or if it had been an encounter of their respective powers. In any case if my friend knew, his opposite would end up knowing. "The logical thing to do would be to kill myself" I thought. "That way, Demian would have even less support. And what would it cost to end my life? Very little effort" I answered myself.

These thoughts were going through my mind when I ran into Jimmy. He was using a soldering iron, trying to mend a broken keychain. He asked me to help him since he could not solder and hold the keychain at the same time. He was talking to me while I held the keychain. Suddenly the soldering iron slipped and the red-hot tip touched my index finger around the middle articulation. I had a black burn that smelt of burnt flesh. I had seen it happen, but, with the shock, I did not feel anything. I waited, telling myself that soon I would start to feel the pain of the burn. I went on waiting and, somewhat puzzled, I looked at my finger. It was clearly burnt but there was no pain. I questioned Jimmy with my eyes.

"Don't worry. You will never be hurt while you work for the Cause" he told me.

I did not say anything. That answered all my questions.

We finished soldering and went on talking. I asked him to tell me some things regarding the future of the Cause.

"One of the ones who belongs to the Cause will leave it" Jimmy said.

"That one would be me, it cannot be any other way" I thought. I asked him about me and what was it that I was going to do in future years.