The way I saw things, Demian "the rebel" had had a course correction. In just a few hours or minutes on Earth, that had been years in the spiritual world, he had been given some form of education and he had practiced a form of living that had purified and transformed him. On his return he had incorporated himself into his body, not without some difficulty, not totally, and even leaving aside and inaccessible a good part of the contents of his memory. That is what I perceived with my physical senses. Because of that and because of the way I thought at the time, I have called it "the transformation."

After a few days he came looking for me; he was desperate. Jimmy was pressing him to see his girlfriend. He had threatened him with a change of body. He was very upset while telling me what was going on. He was worried.

"Well, let him do it. In no way is that going to change our friendship," I told him innocently.

"What are you saying? I just got accustomed to this body! I don't want another body!" He said that so desperately that I felt guilty, as if I were not taking the subject seriously enough. I was being insufficiently understanding.

"That Jimmy is crazy," he stated.

I told him to calm down and to go and see her. Everything would work itself out. Until this moment everything seemed quite entertaining though from then on I started to get seriously worried.

I waited for him that night. When he came back his face was much more relaxed. There was something in her behavior that moved him; he said that she was a better person than what he had originally thought.

From that moment on, in the ensuing days weeks and months, a love that was rather difficult to describe evolved within Demian. How could I convey the description of this type of love for another human being? How can I narrate that I was a witness to true love? I was enormously taken by the vision of a man with his characteristics, a giant among men, completely dependent on the smallest wishes of his loved one. Everything in this giant was pure sensibility and also pure strength. An unusual mixture. What is unusual is immediately known. One knows that one has never seen something similar and one will never see it again.

Demian was generous with his information and he shared with me many of the special moments that he experienced with his girlfriend. I listened to him attentively, and the mere fact of hearing the strength of his love fed my spirit. I knew very well that he did it on purpose. At that time I felt a great devotion and respect for Demian and for the strength of his love.

In this context, Jimmy said of him that he was "the last great romantic." The way I saw it, that nobility, that purity that he brought with himself from the spiritual world he poured into that emotional relationship, multiplying the effects of that power, that strength inside him. When Demian was in love, it was absolutely indestructible. There was nothing that could dent it, excepting that same love.

At that time, what was going to be more evident in future years was already discernible. In his way of walking or speaking there were no false steps. One had the impression that when his foot came down —always with some elegance— there was no one with sufficient power, except his own will, to move it an inch. Observing him was by then an experience. On one hand he was, as I say, a giant. On the other, in love, he was like a child.

He told me once that God wanted to be loved like a child. Thanks to what I went through observing my friend, I was able to visualize what divinity could be, and divinity, understood that way, captures the human soul.

I harbored the sensation, the idea, that an entire army of enemies could not finish him off but that lack of love, and the doubts over whether he was loved would leave him wounded and without strength.