I told him about some of his experiences that could only have been known by someone very close. I talked to him about Jimmy. He did not know anyone of that name. He did not appear worried, he was peaceful and confident. I studied him with all my attention. There was no doubt that it was my friend but there was something different in him. Greater clarity in his look, greater nobility, greater gentleness. He was transformed.

Demian was looking at me with a certain curiosity. I suppose he was asking himself who I was. I think I remember that at that moment —maybe it was later— Jimmy got in touch with him. My friend let me know that the so-called Jimmy had appeared and was telling him, among other things, that yes, I knew about everything. I took the opportunity to ask him where he came from. He relaxed and told me that he had spent many years as a disciple in the spiritual world under the aegis of his master Immanuel Kant. I told him that I knew something of that man. I told him the anecdote of his immortal jacket. Thank goodness that that same night I was able to hear my friend's laughter again. He also briefly told me that in those past years he had met Saint Benedict, an extraordinarily humble person from who he had learned a lot. He was going to light a candle to pray to him and we would see each other the next day.

The morning of the next day we met again. He treated me in a more familiar manner and had an explanation. Jimmy had provided him some images of what we had gone through together as if it were a video. It was not the first time that I had heard him talk that way. On some other occasion he mentioned that he had seen this or that event because Jimmy had provided the images. I was relieved to know that everything that had happened was not going to affect our friendship. Around that time there was a particular and rather special form of behavior of his that was both curious and entertaining. I have already spoken of his nobility of heart and to that one has to add a very individual halo of innocence and ingenuity as if in a certain sense, he really was a newborn.

What had happened? What was really happening? I've got to admit that I was satisfied, having recovered my friend, and had no desire to ask. From past experience I knew that what I needed to know I would end up knowing. Deep down it was too much for me and I had no intention of moving too fast.


I did not really understand why Demian did not appear to remember anything. He spoke as if he were learning everything for the first time and that did not make any sense to me. I kept all that inside me, and in the end it did not bother me too much. When I looked at it another way, it was fun since it produced many unusual situations.

In those days it was very obvious that Demian did not appear to control his body completely. To be more precise, I would say that the way he moved was not the way he moved before. The way he talked, walked or looked around him was unique, different. He had a different cadence. His ingenuity and the strangeness of his movements gave him a very singular appearance, very entertaining.

During those first days we were together almost all the time. That morning I decided to show him the city and we walked around for quite a while. Suddenly my friend stopped.

"I smell gold," he told me.


"Near here!" he turned towards me. "do you want gold?"

"Yes, look for it!" I told him, while thinking that he had come back with some very interesting abilities. That is when I started to see the way ahead more clearly.

With his head erect —people were looking at us— and as if guided by the smell, we crossed streets, sometimes one way sometimes another, for quite a way. Streets that we had not gone by before. It did not appear to me that the gold was very near and I did not understand how he could walk with such certainty and smell at such a distance. In the end we turned left and a little alley appeared. My friend looked down it.

"There it is!" he exclaimed.