I am aware of the fact that I can repeat myself too often, but Jimmy was a very entertaining person. One always had a smile on one's face when one talked about him and for me it was particularly difficult to refuse something to someone who you enjoy yourself so much with.

Demian also expressed himself in the same way when he was talking about Jimmy. His relationship was even closer than mine. On many occasions we talked about Jimmy's witticisms and the room that we were in turned into an endless sequence of laughter. To find Jimmy at some traffic light, dressed as a cowboy with pistols hanging from his belt, waiting to cross the street, could be very entertaining.

I remember having asked him how that was possible if he was dead.

"Don't worry," he said, "it's only an image."

For me, something like this was unthinkable, but Demian started to delve into Jimmy's personality. He started to want to know more about the current Jimmy. Demian's personality appeared to be geared to confront everything, and Jimmy was not going to be an exception.

The relationship between them was very close and private. Regardless of the subject, the power that Jimmy had over Demian was very great. It was clear that this power did not come just from Jimmy. Nevertheless, it was also clear that things came through Jimmy, or via Jimmy. There was no other possibility.

Demian started to highlight that role of intermediary, taking away some importance from our friend. Demian appeared to test his powers against those of Jimmy and in certain subjects, for example psychology, he thought that he already knew much more than Jimmy and placed him in an intermediate position within the spiritual world. I sensed that Jimmy was bothered by this attitude towards him. On my side, I noticed a certain rebellious tone in Demian during the time that precedes what I want to talk about. Around that time he started to question what Jimmy said. I noticed that something of the sort was happening but I never learned anything concrete about the details.

On one of the afternoons when we used to see each other, I found Jimmy sitting on my friend's desk. He was very serious. I don't exactly remember the entire conversation since he caught me by surprise; these events always evolved very quickly and I had to adapt with the same speed.

On that occasion he reproached us for questioning his authority. I sensed by his words that he and Demian had had a rather unfriendly meeting. No one said anything to me, but, knowing Demian as I did, I'd say that he wanted to put limits on Jimmy's behavior and that was a bad thing in the sense that it was premature.

Jimmy warned me that measures had been taken in that respect. He told me that, more than anything, my friend was going to need my help. Without warning me further, he left and my friend Demian appeared, looking at the table as if trying to work out where he was. He turned to look at me and asked with surprise:

"Who are you? What you doing in my room?"

I reacted rapidly. I told him that we were friends and that I knew about his mission.

"Do you know who I am?" he asked me.

"Yes, you're Demian," I answered him.

"Demian…," He remained pensive, then looked at me intently. "Yes, that's my name."