Above everything else, one felt a special, deep and sincere admiration for the love that he showed to his girlfriend. I never felt it possible that one could love a human being in that way. One loved as Demian loved. It was like seeing the heart of all the Romantics —I'm referring to the cultural movement— embodied in his person.

That nobility, that compendium of virtues embodied in Demian is what really joined me to him. One is able to sacrifice a lot knowing that someone like him lived on Earth and the world benefited from it. Just the memory of that birth, to call it that, made me stay faithful to him at those times when I was no longer able to enjoy his company.

All this was more marked from the second stage of the nine months that we were together as a result of his transformation, as I have called it, at the time of his twenty first birthday which I will relate in the second half of this chapter.


In the beginning I was barely allowed to know anything on the subject. In our first encounter, Jimmy only told me that my friend had an important mission to fulfill in the world. As time passed, an idea of mine grew. I saw how determinedly Demian was studying philosophy and how much interest he took in all questions relative to knowledge. I was witness to how a series of virtues nested and developed within him, and how they created in him a collection of powers that I had never seen in human being.

Demian was in very attractive man, not only physically but also in the literal sense: he attracted. The way in which he moved and said things attracted everyone's attention. It was not possible for him to pass unnoticed. Almost right from the start, Jimmy stressed the importance of image and that Demian must arm himself with a glowing image. That would open doors for him.

"Image is the only important thing in this world," Jimmy used to say.

I knew of the existence of theories and systems, the implementation of which had caused pain to humanity. I was openly distrustful of men and I could not find within myself a guiding map that would ease the way for me. I understood things in my own way and I found that in Demian lived those powers that could bring a certain clarity, as desired as it was healthy, and that his way of setting it out would call the world's attention to it.