In the beginning, when Jimmy used his body to talk to me, whatever length of time that it took —and it could be an entire afternoon—, when Demian returned, the conversation continued from the same point that it had been at when he left it and, unless I said something, he ignored everything that had happened in between. In those first months Jimmy used to speak to me a lot. Demian was bothered by that continuous use of his body but resigned himself to it out of affection for me.

Soon he left that state of limbo, to call it that, and was aware of everything. Occasionally he was silent, as if Jimmy was communicating with him. He looked at me in silence and Jimmy appeared. On one occasion I asked Jimmy what Demian was doing at that exact moment and he briefly answered: "Right now he's studying." In general I did not ask him what he was doing or where he had been since I had too much to think about when I finished talking with Jimmy.

Demian participated in other people's thoughts. Somehow he saw them. He knew perfectly well if someone was lying.

Behind our actions we all hide thoughts and intentions that in some cases are unknown, even by ourselves. These thoughts and intentions were not hidden for him. I was always surprised by what he was able to make evident regarding what was hidden behind what other people did or said. Though I tried to understand, it was as if he was speaking to me in another language. To me it was clear that he was awake in a place where I slept.

His senses were very acute. His vision was able to circumvent physical material to different degrees, densities or components —I'm not sure exactly— like a scanner. So, if he was going to eat something, he looked at it and would know if there was any problem with it, if it contained any harmful material.

On one occasion he told me that I had the beginnings of skin cancer on my face and he got rid of it. In the end these are things that I cannot prove but I was a smoker and on that same occasion he told me that my lungs were very dirty and said he had cleaned them. I can confirm that in this case and in others I felt that my lungs were cleaner and I proved that it was so when I exercised and woke up without coughing. It was like it had been before, when I did not smoke. A committed smoker like me noticed the difference.

How could he have acquired those qualities, those skills in such a short period of time? I have no idea. It simply was like that and he embraced it as if it were the most natural thing in the world. These abilities were just samples, the tip of the iceberg of an inner development in which I could not participate and was almost unaware of. Deep down, I did not pay much attention to these skills in the sense that very soon I got accustomed to things being like that.

What really caught my attention because I could perceive it, and I could perceive it because I had an organ that was receptive to it —Jimmy used to say that that which is invisible is only seen with the heart— was the light that appeared to emanate from him, from everything that had to do with his person. It was a mixture of strength, humility, sympathy, love for humanity, wisdom and kindness. It was a compendium of virtues to a very high degree that, together in one single person, transmitted very unique sensations. I never saw anything like it and I don't believe I will ever see it again in this life.

That was the real experience for me, the most impressive, the most important of all the experiences that I had. It is unimportant that a person might be able to heat up or move solid objects just by thinking about them because that is purely a material effect and, though it may indicate a strong mind able to apply itself in the world, it says nothing about the heart, about its intentions. It says nothing of morality.

To be able to see an authentically noble heart, dazzles the soul that sees it. That light and that nobility were what I could distinguish with my heart. That is how I understood Jimmy when he referred to my friend in princely terms.