That person was Bruce Lee. My friend explained the process to me, something about energies that affected the circulation of the blood, and he showed me the point of application. He took my hand and pressed lightly on the base of the thumb. I felt slightly dizzy and he let my hand go instantly. I was nothing if not astounded. His attitude was serious and thoughtful and I never doubted him. The only thing that I thought was that his life was light years ahead of mine. I could not understand what we were doing together in this Cause, as Jimmy liked to call it. I would not have thought about it anymore if certain events had not happened.

A few days later I found him talking to other friends on the subject of Bruce Lee. It surprised me. I did not expect it, even though he did not comment on how he had acquired that information. As far as I was concerned, everything that happened between us was enveloped in deep secrecy. He told me that he wanted the existence of that type of Order known. I understood that excessive secrecy boosted the power of those Orders.

I would like to mention that this Order, and those who belong to it, had a name. My friend was one of them and I had never heard those names before. They appeared strange to me but after a few years those names started to appear everywhere. They were very widespread, and that made me notice them. Only with this new information could I appreciate the possibility that my friend might have taken a wrong path in life, and that Jimmy's appearance had impeded it.

A few weeks passed. At a certain moment I started to have the feeling that I was being followed by two Oriental men. I thought it was my imagination. Soon afterwards my friend commented to me that two individuals who belonged to that Order had got in touch with him. They knew that he was talking, in spite of the vow of silence that existed, and wanted to see him.

"Say no," I told him.

"I cannot," he answered, "they know about our friendship and they have threatened to hurt you."

I went to see him the day they were going to have the meeting, which I assumed was going to be violent, but my friend was not going to allow himself to be caught by surprise. He felt strong, very strong. He was very sure of himself and of what was going to happen, as if he played with an advantage. He was calm and smiling, a little excited, as if he were anxious to show the strength that he was capable of deploying.

"Only my master can perceive who I am in this field of endeavor," he used to say at that time.

He asked me to do him a favor, maybe because I had already interfered in this business. He asked me to call an ambulance at a specific hour, to pick up two people who had fallen from a first-floor at a particular address. With that request he made it clear what he felt the outcome would be. At that exact time I did as he asked.

I waited for him, asking myself how one could face such an event with that certainty. "His mission must be very important and the entire spiritual world appears to be on his side, even at his service, and in the end this event is probably not very important," I thought. That thought cheered me up.

He arrived after a few hours and I relaxed on seeing him. He was exultant. He himself was impressed with the energy that he deployed in the fight. That display of energy had surprised his opponents. I did not ask any more questions and, though I cannot be sure, I feel that the battle was short. All this appeared to me to be too dangerous. I would not have known how to resolve this type of situation by myself. He appeared to understand my thoughts and asked me to leave and rest a little.

On one occasion Jimmy allowed me to foresee that I would not be a victim of any physical harm as long as I was a part of the Cause. I have certainly had very intense experiences, some of which I will tell about, but the challenges that have become dangerous have evolved in a way that I have been able to deal with them.

It was clear that I was not there to face this type of situation directly. Even so, everything has a meaning, everything is a symbol of something. Even my participation was, of that I am sure.