During the ensuing days, Jimmy spoke to me of my friend in terms of the potential that he carried within him, of what he already was and of how much was expected of him. The words that he used spoke about a capacity for love, for struggle, a significant power of strength, nobility, and spiritual sacrifice.

"He is a knight," he told me, and behind these words I felt I could discern the human ideal embodied on Earth, walking on it.

"I also want to be a knight!" I said naïvely, and in his laughter it was possible to see how far away I was from understanding the sacrifices demanded by that enterprise.

And so it was, my friend's character was strengthened and refined more and more. His behavior was tempered, his gaze became more and more comprehensive. He overcame any test that was placed in his way, and he did so with the elegance of someone who holds a precious treasure inside him. Since then this has been a constant in his life.

Once he confessed to me that under the extreme conditions that he had to live, in which it seemed that the next step would be that of final failure, a strength emerged from inside him that almost immediately restored him. It is difficult to imagine a strength like that, but I must admit that I have seen it in action before my very eyes, many times.

He moved way ahead in his education, if we want to call it that. He was so far advanced that after a few months, Jimmy was talking to me about something related to him and ended the phrase saying: "… he is a prince." Purely by mental association with the only prince that I had ever heard talk about, I thought: "prince… of darkness."

"Prince of light," said Jimmy before I had even finished thinking that.


I would say that, as a general rule, the events that I lived through at that time followed a pattern. One could affirm that at any one moment something could occur as a trigger for events that were yet to come. In conversations that I used to have with Jimmy, he showed me, or he made me look at, one aspect of my friend's personality or life. Then what happened was that that aspect unfolded before my eyes in a very specific manner.

With regards to the specifics of what I want to say, everything started because of a somewhat violent encounter:

My friend used to go for walks in the afternoon with his girlfriend and on this occasion, when night had already fallen, a mugger faced them with a knife with intentions that never became quite clear since my friend, to the amazement of his girlfriend, punched the attacker with diabolical speed. My friend was equally amazed at the devastating effect that he had on the attacker who fell back several feet. Based on that event, Jimmy spoke to me about special forces of that nature that lived in my friend and these hints contributed to the latter telling me about his past life. With broad brushstrokes, this is what I learnt.

My friend was an expert in martial arts. During his adolescence, he had practiced one of these arts and his Oriental teacher saw in him unusual potential. With the help of his teacher, since he was still an adolescent, he went somewhere in the East where over time he assimilated knowledge and skills not normally found among his peers. How serious and secret this subject was can be understood by what follows.

My friend told me that some of this secret knowledge started to be revealed by a public figure and a lot of the latter's future success appeared to depend on these secrets being revealed to the public in a veiled sort of way. Representatives of the secret Order suggested that they meet and that person accepted, confident because of the success of his career.

"He trusted," my friend said, "and they killed him with a handshake.