When I understood that my friend's mission had to do with bringing light to the world, fighting that confusion and that disorientation I immediately identified with this Cause.

I saw my friend come towards me. He had just taken part in a religious celebration with his girlfriend. He was very serious.

"During the religious event God spoke to me," he told me, deeply affected.

I remained silent, waiting for what he was going to say.

"'I expect a lot from you.' Those were his words," he told me while he appeared to gather himself, as if wanting to take that responsibility on his shoulders.


In the beginning, my friend's appearance was quite wild and rebellious. Over time everything about him became more refined. He made new discoveries every day that passed. It was difficult not to see him full of strength, driven by an intense emotion. Jimmy appeared to instruct him secretly. Soon he was talking to me of images of events provided by Jimmy that, like a video, he could visualize internally. He experimented with his powers, he stopped deluding himself, he learned.

That day he told me that Jimmy had inserted a type of computer in his head and that thanks to this device, he could make complicated calculations. That afternoon he had a chance to put it to a test since a friend had invited him to play tennis.

"He's going to have quite a surprise. He thinks of himself as a great player but I'm going to use my computer to analyze the strokes and teach him a good lesson," he told me, very certain of himself.

I looked at him smiling, he was very jovial. He did not doubt for a moment that everything would happen exactly as he was telling me. We saw each other later and I asked him about the match. He blushed with shame. He gestured with his hands as if he did not quite understand what had happened.

"He beat me very badly," he said laughing.

It did not seem that there was anything of use in that computer since he never spoke of it again.

His senses soon became sharper: Sight, hearing. Smells were surprisingly intensified.

My friend was deeply in love with his girlfriend; it was truly a great love. The girl had a distant relative nearby who was a student like us. He was secretly in love with her and my friend had to put up with it. There was something about that relative that was profoundly bothersome to my friend. He really did not like him.

One night we had just met. The two of us smiled. Suddenly, his smile vanished, he put his nose close to me and he quite obviously sniffed me.

"Have you been talking to my girlfriend's relative? Is he a friend of yours by any chance? I don't like that guy," he said to me.

"No, certainly not. I haven't seen him… Wait a moment," a sudden memory crossed my mind. "We spoke this morning, I had forgotten…"

"Well you still smell of him," he said with an unfriendly demeanor.

There were two people for whom he felt a deep dislike and as long as that continued he always knew when I had had some contact with one of them. Over time he stopped feeling that way towards them. This was not the only incident that in one way or another involved his girlfriend, since in the process of his education nothing was hidden however personal or disagreeable it might be.