The appearance of Jimmy in my life, produced an important change from the very first moment. Where once doubt and insecurity coexisted, they were displaced by massive doses of confidence and certainty regarding my own destiny. I did not manage these new forces that I had never had before well. I felt like the king of the world and, as such, I thought that I could use it as I wished, that the only important thing was the end. As a result, I felt an inclination to take what was not mine. I was not very discriminating regarding limits and was not very aware of that fact.

Jimmy never forced conversations, he was never intimate if one did not want him to be, though it was evident that he knew everything. On one occasion when I was having a conversation with him, I became aware of my defects as if I were dealing with a general framework and I did not know how to confront them. I asked him to help me overcome them, however it were done. I asked forcefully and Jimmy said that he would. Asking him something like this could turn into a series of very intense experiences that, almost certainly, could mark one's life. One quickly forgets what one says and proposes to do; this was not the case with Jimmy.

Jimmy liked to talk a lot about image. He said that what mattered in the world was image, appearance. He seemed to be an expert on the subject. His life on earth had to do with exactly that and I got the sensation that this was a key aspect in the life of my friend. That day Jimmy talked to me:

"Your friend hasn't a single usable sweater. He's got to get a whole new wardrobe. He's got to look after his image and you have to help him," he said smiling in an irresistible way. "How you do it is your own business, but do it! That is your job."

I told him to leave it in my hands. I felt very sure of myself and for me it was a challenge. I said goodbye to Jimmy without my friend knowing anything.

I called this type of situation the "Delphic Oracle" in which "the oracle" tells you something and one interprets it according to one's own inclinations. These situations are a source of self-knowledge and, as a result, of pain.

I was really puffed-up and proud, convinced that I had to steal those clothes since I did not know any other way of obtaining them. Nothing was going to stop me. In addition, I had Jimmy's blessing, not explicitly, but neither had he said anything against my plan and he had to know what I proposed to do. No doubt he would help me. These were strange thoughts, but they were mine.

I walked down a wide street, lined with shops. I walked determinedly into one of them and saw a very nice sweater. There was a strange device attached to it. "Solution: I'll also take the device, it must have some use," I thought. I picked up several items like that one and I hid them around my body. Of course, thanks to the electronic anti-theft device, I was caught at the exit. Then the astonished attendants started to remove all the sweaters that I had hidden. They did not expect so many. They excoriated me and I left. I had felt so sure of myself that I did not understand how that had happened to me.

Somewhat bewildered I went into another shop. I noticed that some sweaters did not have a device attached. I had learned my lesson; I took several. As I was leaving the shop a little electronic anti-theft device hidden in one of them set off the alarm and the previous scene was repeated. What was happening? I just could not understand.

I went from being swollen with pride to a state of enormous confusion. "Where is Jimmy? Doesn't he plan to help me?" I asked myself. "I cannot go back empty handed." I found a shop that was further away. The sales-person was heavily pregnant. I saw everything clearly. All the quality sweaters were likely to have an electronic anti-theft device as I had learned from the previous occasions. I could not see anybody that could help the sales-person so I picked up a beautiful sweater and ran. I ran like a gazelle but someone was shouting behind me, it was the sales-person. I could not believe it; she ran as fast as I did. I looked behind me and I could see her enormous stomach moving up and down with visible violence. I was going crazy. My heart was weighing down my chest as if it were lead and I felt as if I were drowning. I hid in an old factory; the image of that woman running was heavy on my conscience. "My God, the woman's baby," I said to myself. She walked straight up to my hiding place as if she had been told exactly where it was. She snatched the sweater from my hands but she reproached me affectionately, with understanding. My heart broke, I could almost hear it, and the world collapsed on top of me.