I think it would be interesting to review and develop a few of Demian's biographical events, even if in doing so I change the style of this work.

Demian's birth took place around 1968.

He appears as Demian, the incarnation of Ahriman, to confront Gatsby towards the end of 1989. He had some well-developed powers and was approximately twenty-one years old. This speaks to a degree of Ahriman's incarnation or incorporation in Demian as being a reflection of the "transformation" or incorporation that took place within Gatsby9. If the parallel with Gatsby is accurate, Demian must have experienced an evolution within which new forces —Ahriman's, in this case— gradually incorporated themselves in him to the extent that he could act as a support, as a receptacle.

Rudolf Steiner expresses himself in terms of incarnation when he speaks of Ahriman. If I mention a possible "incorporation" of Ahriman it's because the idea does not appear ridiculous to me and because it might shed a little light on the subject while keeping a link to reality.

In Verena Stäel von Holstein's book, Nature Spirits and What They Say, one of those beings answers the question of whether Ahriman will become incarnate in a human body.

Yes and no. No physical human body can contain Ahriman for long. He is so hostile to life that it would be more like an incorporation.

According to Anthroposophy, an incorporation is characterized by a high-level individuality replacing in part the incarnated one, the high-level individuality coexisting in some way with the previous one. This previous individuality must have achieved a certain level of spiritual maturity to allow for such an incorporation. In the case of the Bodhisattva, the immersion of this individuality in the incarnated one produces an enormous transformation, particularly between the ages of thirty and thirty-three10. That age of thirty is particularly important in these matters. As Steiner correctly says, just as Christ was incarnated on Earth, so will Ahriman, and Christ was incarnated in Jesus of Nazareth at the age of thirty.

In 1998 Demian was about thirty years old and a period of his life began that, as a reflection of what occurred to Christ or to other high level entities, could also have been the period of Ahriman's incarnation or definitive incorporation into the personality of Demian within which he was gradually participating as the relation matured. Bernard Lievegoed, in his book titled About the Salvation of the Soul, published posthumously, affirms that "Rudolf Steiner said at a meeting of young people in Breslau, that Ahriman will do everything in his power to advance this moment as much as he can. Steiner then mentions there the year 1998. It would depend on all of humanity together whether Ahriman will succeed in this or not."

Rudolf Steiner calls attention to the year 1998 in his lecture on the Apocalypse given to an audience of priests on 12 September 1924 in Dornach:

Before us lies the time of the third number 666: 1998. At the end of this century the time will come when Sorat will once again raise his head most strongly out of the waves of evolution to become the adversary of that appearance of Christ which those who have been prepared for it will already experience during the first half of the twentieth century when the Etheric Christ becomes visible. Only two thirds of the century have still to run before Sorat once again raises his head most mightily.

And before this century is out he will show himself by making his appearance in many humans as the being by whom they are possessed. Human beings will appear of whom it will be impossible to believe that they are real human beings.


9. I don't know the name of the forces that were incorporated in Gatsby after his twentyfirst birthday. I would not be able to put a name to it but I have no doubt that, because of what was experienced after the event that in this work I have called "the transformation", and also because of what Gatsby so clearly stated, that is that a part of him was of extra-human nature, that what took place in Gatsby was an incorporation, as it is understood in Anthroposophy.
10. In Bernard Lievegoed's book About the Salvation of the Soul and Rudolf Steiner in his speech at Karlruhe on October 14, 1911, speak on the subject of incorporation in the specific case of the Bodhisattva. See NOTES at the end of the book.