As I say, the range of possible reactions is very broad and each reader will have his or her own. Of course the person who has experienced and who narrates this history also has a reply to that question. The sincerity and vulnerability with which I started this story forces me to end it in the same way.

Through significant part of my life I have lived with the images that I describe and there are things about which I have no doubts. I have been the witness of very deep processes and changes, impossible to re-create or to maintain artificially. There are things that cannot be shown to the outside world if they are not carried inside oneself.

In my opinion, inside Gatsby lives a high level entity, high enough to be able to oppose Ahriman's incarnation. Let's take one last glance at his life.

When I met my friend, everything about him was quite wild and radical. It took him time to leave that state of being. Then more subtle challenges and ones that were more difficult to overcome appeared. The knowledge of the true intentions and desires that were buried within individuals made him antagonistic to some of them, a dislike that also took him some time to leave behind. After those months, at the same time that certain special qualities grew inside him, his spiritual maturity became more than evident. His development took place at dizzying speed and no field of knowledge seemed to be barred to him.

At the time of his twenty-first birthday, a very significant change took place which I witnessed, amazed. He himself talked about how something extra-human had come to add itself to what he was and effectively, something different appeared to live inside him. At that time I called him Demian and he identified with that name and what it represented.

From that moment his life changed. In some way he seemed to be driven by the designs of his own destiny. He identified with his mission and against those with whom he would have to fight. His entire life would be marked by that reality, and the events that occurred throughout that life would not allow him to lose sight of that high-level objective. He did not appear to fear anything, neither did anything appear to affect him. He gained unforeseen strengths from love which was also his weakness. That's Gatsby. There is no doubt.

The years passed, time grew short. It was time to stop being anonymous. It was the moment in which he had to prove himself, like one of those people who everyone watches, asking themselves if he or she will deserve to be a model for new times. He was a tireless fighter and had to exert his influence in the world's events with the same right as Ahriman incarnate. To do this he needed wear the disguise of the times and gain access in his own right to that world of business and economy which, with its concepts and activities, dominates the world. He had to create a business empire from which his forces could spread out and advertise from a practical point of view how things should be done. He was so given to the task that he could no longer recognize my old friend. Even he did not appear to know all the strengths that lived in his person. He was thirty years old and that is a prior and necessary step, one foot on the ladder of a mission, the size of which will be determined by his own strengths and those that oppose him.

He did not achieve it and he is not achieved it so far. Knowledgeable about the unforeseeable changes that can occur within his person, I cannot be sure that it can have actually been him in reality. This is his life. This is Gatsby's drama and, with all certainty, the drama of many other people.

And these are my experiences that I have tried to narrate as I lived through them at the time, with the thoughts and feelings of the time and with the hope that they can carry some of the freshness of what at one time was a vivid memory.