I always understood that under Demian's influence, with Ahriman incarnate, the Earth would go through a process of economic crises of worldwide implications that would affect us all and that, with this background, solutions would be sought, somewhat desperately. All of these questions will no doubt find Demian's, Ahriman's brilliant and tempting answer. An answer that hides, and esoterically will set the foundations for a desolate future6.

We are aware how that could happen and how difficult it is to fight against something that is already established even though someone might have noticed. Today we can see how committed people dedicate their lives to fight against policies that started with Woodrow Wilson. Rudolf Steiner already issued a warning about this individual and then warned again about Ahriman in one of his lectures7:

This time is approaching. Ahriman will appear in a real, objective sense on the earth. Just as Lucifer walked the earth and as Christ walked the earth, objectively, in human form, so Ahriman too will walk the earth, bringing with him an extraordinary increase of power to earthly human reason.

In current times, I think that no one can doubt that the increase of power described is taking place. In that same lecture, Steiner affirms that:

Ahriman must not control financial affairs and economics on the earth without being noticed. We must thoroughly familiarize ourselves with his particular qualities and recognize what he does. We must be able to oppose him with full consciousness.

That is the objective of this book, to help create an awareness of what Ahriman does because much is achieved when one can affirm: "Ahriman is already here with us, incarnate." We are his contemporaneous generation, the sleeping generation 8. Those of us who have decided to become incarnate to know him, to oppose him, to awaken.

As Steiner says, let us become familiar with his particular qualities and let us recognize what he does, because Ahriman is already here in the form of a unique middle aged personality whose year of birth we could place around 1968.

That is what I'm trying to say in this book and to do this I have had to narrate certain events that are both mine and true. I have had to talk about Jimmy and reveal Gatsby, as well as talk about that terrible drama that he has experienced and almost certainly, will go on experiencing. A type of suffering that no one would want to live through.


The importance that will be given to this book depends on how this question is answered. There is a wide range of possible reactions, if one can first clear the initial hurdle that doubts the authenticity and good faith of this material.

Some people might object, saying that Gatsby was a nobody. In that case this work becomes nothing. Others may object that Gatsby was a clever type with an exorbitant imagination and this book would then be classed as the work of a na´ve person. Equally, someone might warn that Gatsby was being influenced by an entity that worked under the guise of a deceased person and, as result, all that this document will do is confuse the world even more. Also someone might think that Gatsby is an initiate, maybe a guide, and everything that is so poorly expressed here will be seen under a special light.


6. If he must come to the light of day, that will be the moment for it, when he finds the least amount of opposition and can come to resolve the problems that he himself has created.
7. Stuttgart, 25 December, 1919.
8. The sleeping generation, of which I consider myself a genuine representative.