Three years passed. My father's business went through serious difficulties. Soon afterwards, it suspended payments to its creditors and ended up by closing its doors, broken into component parts in a process full of stupid events and so non-typical that even today the people who took part in it talk about it.

In 2005, I was able to find out something of Gatsby's professional career. He moved from one company to another without cease. I imagined Gatsby living his life shut up within himself.

Fourteen years after our last encounter I decided to reveal what I never thought I could tell anyone, convinced as I am that Gatsby's strength lives somewhere in this story. This is not an insignificant matter.

This piece of writing points us towards Demian, to Ahriman incarnate, specifically in time and in his behavior. This Ahriman incarnate is very familiar to me. In this way I want to share knowledge and issue a warning. I feel the obligation to do so; but there is something else.

During this period, Demian has learnt to hide himself supremely well. All his strength stems from that, it is multiplied there. But it is to be feared, the very effective way in which he hides himself is really to be feared, because it is a sign of a great power that has not yet emerged.


I never thought that knowing about Demian's exoteric life would be very important. I did not think that this knowledge would help me in the present. It did not contain any practical element for me since I had no intention of transmitting it to anyone else. Implicit in talking about Demian was talking about Gatsby, and I did not contemplate doing the latter under any circumstances.

I always supposed that Demian was American, maybe because Gatsby pointed out the movie The Omen to me. I never saw it but I knew that in it, that was Demian's nationality. As is obvious by my words, it was not anything that bothered me too much. Nevertheless, puzzled by the number of resources that Demian manipulated around us, one day I asked Gatsby:

"Is Demian, American?"

"He is of that heritage," he answered.

Those words appeared somewhat enigmatic to me. I let it go, certain that I would end up knowing more at the right moment5.

The years went by. Verena StaŽl von Holstein's book, Nature Spirits and What They Say, came to my attention. In the book, one of the conversations has the incarnation of Ahriman as a subject. In this conversation, one of those spirits affirms that Ahriman will appear in Europe but that he is not authorized to say when. Sometimes we don't notice the most obvious things because it was only then when I understood that the ability to place those different types of elements around Gatsby was due to the strong tie that Demian has with this continent.

I would like to think that this book might help in some way to unveil Ahriman in his current incarnation, since it is vital to place Ahriman's incarnation in time.


5. Maybe I was trying to protect myself. As far as I understand it, Demian feels great enmity towards those people who, because of their attractive nature and personal charisma, might influence other people and put him in the shade while he is shade, (as, for example John F. Kennedy Jr. might have done), as well as those others who are able to point to his entity on the Earth in a concrete way